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The world’s first key protection for a car equipped with a keyless system.

Protect your car

The protection of cars equipped with the keyless protector system provides protection against scanning the key and theft of the car “relay attack“, while maintaining all the functions and advantages of this system. This miniature device takes the form of a thin clip that attaches to the battery inside the key fob.


Its installation is very simple and does not require any modifications or interference with the car’s electronics, thanks to which we do not lose the car warranty. The entire process takes just a few minutes, comparable to replacing a battery. What’s more, we can take care of the installation ourselves!

How does it works

Protector is an electronic is an advanced device equipped with a microprocessor and a motion sensor that intelligently manages the key’s power supply. Thanks to this protection, the key is powered only when the owner actually needs to use the car. Outside the vehicle, the key is de-energized, which means that it will not receive or send codes to open the car or start the engine. Thanks to this relay attack will not be able to scan a key without power!


On the other hand, activation (turning on) of the key is extremely simple. All you have to do is walk up to the car, stop for a moment and tap the pocket or purse with the key twice. No need to remove or touch it! With this simple gesture, the active key allows you to open the door and start the engine. Our KEYLESS PROTECTOR microprocessor ensures that the key is not activated accidentally, which further increases the level of security.


KEYLESS PROTECTOR has been equipped with intelligent motion sensors that enable automatic deactivation (protection) of the key in appropriate situations. When the driver leaves the car and moves away from it, our device can recognize this movement. After walking a distance of 20-25 steps, the KEYLESS PROTECTOR turns off the key’s power, which effectively protects it from potential thieves’ scanning.
In addition, if the key is left motionless, e.g. on a cupboard or hook, our device automatically turns off the key after 2 minutes. A key secured in this way will not receive or send codes to open the car and start the engine.


In our offer you will find three different sizes, which are matched to the diameter of the key batteries. Here are the details for each security:

  • KP20 – dedicated for batteries with a diameter of 20 mm: CR2032, CR2025, CR2016
  • KP206 – designed for batteries with a diameter of 24 mm: CR2450, CR2430, CR2425


Warranty: 24 months
When we change the car, the protection can be easily transferred to the key of the new vehicle. It is worth noting that the installation of a security device in the key does not shorten the life of the battery.

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20 mm, 24 mm

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KP-20, KP-24

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