“Six seconds pass – Even if the expert wanted to examine the vehicle after it was recovered, he would only read from the computer that the car was started with the original key,” Taraszewski stressed in turn.
What does the whole process of stealing a car using a “suitcase” look like? – In practice, there must be at least two players, with a scanner and a transmitter,” said the former head of the KSP’s Automobile Department. – One of the thieves, with a large antenna amplifier, approaches the windows or doors of the house. Using the amplifier, he searches for the signal of the key, which is usually placed close to the front door, Tomasz Dopadko explains. He adds that the second thief at this time pulls the door handle so that “the car starts courting the signal with the owner’s key.” – He should find him (the key signal – ed.) only when he is close to the car. But the so-called “suitcase” perfectly circumvents this protection,” explains Dopadko. With the help of a second amplifier, the signal from the key is redirected to the car. The vehicle receives the signal just as it would from the original key. The man with the “suitcase” does not get into the stolen vehicle – so that the criminal group does not risk losing equipment worth up to 50 thousand euros. – The ignition is on, the windshield wipers are running, the engine is fired up. The whole theft doesn’t look like a theft,” sums up Tomasz Dopadko, analyzing one of the recordings with a TVN24 reporter. (https://www.tvn24.pl)The Keyless Protector is the ideal relay-based theft protection. You can buy them in our online store.